My name is Cory Favre and I am an encaustic and mixed-media artist living and working in Minnesota. I grew up in a military family and spent my childhood all over the United States.  I was born in Japan, lived in Hawaii, Indiana, and Arkansas, among a few other places. I was always a creative kid and spent a lot of my time drawing.  Art was always something I could connect to when everything around me frequently changed.   

My encaustic and mixed-media work explores the relationships we have with those close to us and the ties we feel for the places we have lived.  Encaustic is one of the oldest forms of painting. It is a mixture of beeswax, damar resin and pigments. Painting with encaustic involves a process of heating and cooling the encaustic wax.  I heat the wax on a hot plate to a liquid form, brush it onto a wood panel and then manipulate the wax with a heat gun. My work is inspired by memories of places I lived when growing up.  Never being able to really say that I am “from” anywhere, this new artwork is exploring my connection to those various places.

If you would like to see work in progress and generally what I am up to more frequently, please check out my Instagram page!  @the.beatnik