Hey guys!  So sorry for the delay in posts!  As I mentioned previously, I am working on so much these days!  I had the St. Paul Art Crawl this last weekend to prep for, I have been trying to work on this grant proposal and today I started the painting for the Pianos on Parade for the City of Minneapolis.  Oh, and, I also have to take care of this 18 month old!  WHEW!!

Let me tell you though, this piano painting so far has been so fun! I mean, I know it has only been one day, but I feel so energized getting to paint ALL DAY sans kid around!  Thanks to my mom for coming down to the cities to watch him for me, otherwise this would not be possible.  I am so excited to share the progress with you.  Hop on over to my Instagram (@the.beatnik) to see daily updates and videos.  

Ill post some pics on here as soon as I can.  I better get back to it!